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Tips on Being a Great Internet Marketing Consultant

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Standing apart from the pack is good when it comes to being an internet marketing consultant. If you’re hiring a consultant to help you with your internet marketing, you’ll want someone who stands head and shoulders above the competition. If you’re a marketer yourself, you know this will bode well for you in terms of finding clients, getting great results, and gaining word of mouth referrals. Here are some ways you can be a great internet marketing advisor and if you’re searching for an advisor, here are some signs you can watch for to help you be a discerning buyer:

Business Expertise

Knowing about the internet is good. It’s essential. But knowing about business as well is an integral part of being able to consult to others on the growth and operations of their business. Combining extensive marketing, business, and internet knowledge can help a consultant provide excellent advice to clients based on real world experience. Most effective consultants have a rich history in their field and people want to know about that history. Many skills are transferable across industries. A former business owner who’s aware of various attributes of a successful business could do better than a consultant fresh out of university, for instance. Practical experience is quite often desirable as a trait for a business consultant.

People Skills

Great sales people can make great consultants. They can also make lousy consultants it their personality tends to be pushy. A consultant works with a client rather than try to simply “pitch” them. Networking can be an important part of an advisor’s job and someone with great skills could have a wide network that provides value to clients. Think consult rather than sell and that’s the first step in developing a productive relationship.

Ongoing Skills Development

There are a lot of different areas that relate to successful internet marketing. A consultant needs to know more than just how to get a website published, for instance. He or she should be well versed in the latest news and trends related to the world of online marketing and should be staying up to date on current marketing techniques and trends. Ongoing personal development is a good sign of a professional that takes their role as a consultant seriously.

Whether you’re a consultant or are looking for someone to help your business, do look at the level of expertise, the people skills, the industry knowledge, and the approach to determine whether someone can stand head and shoulders above the competition. If you’re trying to develop your consultancy business, continually work at deepening your knowledge and finding ways to create productive relationships with your clients. And if you’re looking at hiring someone to serve as an internet marketing consultant for your company, shopping around can reveal many things that help you make a smart decision.

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Ditching Dehydration: Top Tips for Courier Drivers

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Dehydration is most frequently associated with those who get a lot of exercise or people who live in extremely hot climates. However, it’s important to remember that it can impact anyone, no matter where they are or what they do – and that includes those working on courier jobs.
The problem with dehydration is that it can often sneak up on you. Even if you are drinking when your mouth tells you that you’re thirsty, your body could already be dangerously low on water. And, with the negative side effects that accompany not remaining properly hydrated, it’s especially important for those who spend their days driving to stay on top of their liquid intake. Not only will be helping yourself and feeling better, you could also potentially be saving a life.

Signs of Dehydration

The most obvious symptoms include a dry mouth and feeling thirsty. However, many others are not as easy to discern. Look for the following signs:

• Fatigue • Low mood • Lack of alertness or a fuzzy feeling in your head • Muscle cramps in the toes, legs and fingers • Cloudy, dark urine (this is perhaps the easiest way to gauge if you are drinking enough water – you should aim for it to be pale and nearly clear)

The Dangers of Dehydration

For those working on courier jobs, it is especially important that you make sure you’re consuming enough liquid. When you’re in control of a vehicle for extended periods of time, it’s important that you’re on top of your game – to ensure not only your own safety, but also that of other drivers on the road. You need to avoid the following situations that can occur when you’re dehydrated:

• Improper braking – too late, too early or without good reason • Slow reaction times • Becoming unaware of the other vehicles around you • Drifting between lanes

How to Stay Properly Hydrated

Luckily, making sure you’re drinking enough doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some tips that anyone working on courier jobs may find especially helpful. Make them a habit and you can significantly reduce the chances of dehydration.

• Drink at least two litres of water a day • Always have multiple bottles of water in your vehicle • Snack on fruit – this is a great alternative way to hydrate yourself • Don’t make excuses that you don’t want to stop for the toilet – factor in enough time so that you can take regular breaks

Just because you spend your days in a vehicle doesn’t mean you’re not at risk of dehydration – in fact, one study reports that almost 70% of UK drivers don’t know the signs. Drinking sufficient water is vital for your body, your health and your safety – and soaking up these top tips will make consuming enough liquids a snap.

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Compressed Natural Gas: How Going Green Can Be Good

May 29 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

To many, one of the most important (and relatively contemporary) trends is going green. Today more than ever people are concerned about the environment and what humanity may be doing to it. We’re looking to reduce our carbon footprint – and no one knows that better than those who work in the courier business.
This is common knowledge for the employee and the owner. Driver jobs and the ways that switching to alternative fuel impacts them may be of concern to those in the business. After all, couriers are perhaps the most important members in this industry as they are the ones actually transporting loads to and fro. However, they need have no fear – here are all the ways that switching to compressed natural gas is a positive.

What Is It?

Compressed natural gas, or CNG, may not be a household name, but it is something the majority of us use in our everyday lives. It fuels some of the items found in many of our homes, specifically gas cookers and boilers. When used in compatible vehicles, a phenomenon that is becoming more and more common, CNG can get you up to 300 miles per tank.

Why Use It?

The most obvious answer is incentives, which the government place for companies that decide to go green by making their vehicles compatible with CNG (the main advantage being that these companies will be offered a lower fuel duty). This is fixed at 3.16p/l or 24.7p/k until at least 2025.

Although there are still more perks for electric vehicles (they produce no tailpipe emissions), businesses that decide they want to use CNG will find that they are supported by the government.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Before you make the step toward CNG, here are the things business owners should be aware of:

1) Those worried about CNG vehicles running low on gas can fit them with a reserve tank for peace of mind. 2) CO2 emissions are comparable to diesel. When biomethane (a sustainable fuel that comes from organic waste) is used, this shoots up by about 60%. Overall, CNG vehicles are quite good for air quality. 3) The UK still has limited public refuelling stations. However, this number is steadily on the increase. 4) Because of the weight of CNG gas tanks, payload can go down about 10%. However, load space remains unaffected.

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Clean Air in Birmingham: Headache for Drivers?

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Getting to grips with the city’s air pollution problem – which costs £2.7bn nationally through lost productivity – is a priority for Birmingham City Council. They plan to have a Clean Air Zone in place by 2020. So, is this bad news for drivers? It doesn’t have to be.
The city’s residents will have a chance to consult on the plans by the end of the summer, and plenty of them will be aware that businesses rely on road traffic to stay open and remain profitable. Deterring courier work because of extra tariffs is damaging for the bottom line. But as many other cities are facing similar targets, the onus is on councils to find a way to retain transport links and keep things moving.

What’s The Plan?

The area inside the A4540 Middleway ring road will form the new Clean Air Zone. This means no extra charges for “clean engines”, but could mean congestion-style charges for:

? Vans and lorries ? Private buses, coaches, perhaps even public transport ? Private hire vehicles like taxis ? Larger or older cars

Up in the air

Aside from the more obvious financial impacts, pollution in the air of our cities costs the country billions each year in lost productivity from sick days that could have been avoided. And it’s not just days out of work – pollution costs lives, especially in the more vulnerable members of society.

It’s clear that cities – Birmingham included – simply cannot function without a robust haulage network to support and supply its needs. The plan’s main focus is to shift unnecessary traffic away from the inner city: commuters who could be taking public transport, cycling or walking to work, and shoppers who congest the city centre when taking a bus or train would be more environmentally friendly.

What does it mean for the industry?

The ACFO is deeply involved in the consultation process with Birmingham City Council, and as advocates of courier workers large and small, their role is crucial in making sure both business and the community can benefit from these plans.

Whether you’re a fleet manager or a self-employed driver, you’ll know that all the recent developments in the industry have pointed towards greener engines, more sustainable fuelling models, and less impact on local air quality. Early adopters of green freight technologies have a big opportunity to make strides in this new urban landscape, and if they can make it worth couriers’ while to switch, councils and drivers can help each other to thrive.

By 2020, the UK government wants to make cities greener – which will certainly have an impact on the average courier. Work will still be there though, as the cities will always need logistical links; keeping aware of the plans, and thinking about how to make them work for you is the first step to success.

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Haulage Howlers: The 8 Naughtiest Haulage Puns On The Road

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Sauciness is the spice of life, right? And few places need livening up more than a traffic jam on the M4. That’s where the lorry driver’s unique sense of humour comes to the rescue, like a recovery vehicle – only much funnier and far more X-rated. Honestly, what haulage workers get up to these days! Forget potty humour, these guys go way further…
So, to brighten up a particularly mind-numbing strip of the M25, here are the eight dirtiest jokes yet found on the side of an HGV. Hats off to the hard working people doing haulage work! You are true masters of the mischievous pun.


Nudity is funny. That’s all there is to it. It shouldn’t be, but it just is. So, although this is not the most sophisticated of all gags, it’s still made the grade:

• “Driver Carries Less Than £50 Cash and is 100% Naked”

Sometimes you can’t beat a good bit of toilet humour, the most tried and tested of all jokes. So congratulations to the classic clown who came up with this corker:

• “Number One Plumber in the Number Two Business”

Oh acronyms. Perhaps the essential takeaway from the Internet age. And one of the best is put to good use in this humble but solid one-liner:

• “GTFO Moving Company: Get That Furniture Out


Top of the rude-but-not-that-rude category is a straightforward pun, one which obligingly obeys all the rules of that noblest of art-forms:

• “Well-Hung Drywall LLC”

Toilet humour featured in the ‘Rude’ category, but this wisecrack from a waste disposal vehicle takes it that step further:

• “Nothing Like A Good Dump”

An overlooked subset of the verbal joke is the out-loud only pun. Say this to yourself a couple of times (when you’re not in polite company, that is…):

• “Sofa King: Our Prices Are Sofa King Low”


Sometimes a pun is so perfect that you can’t even laugh – just breathe a sigh of admiration and nod in vigorous approval. This chestnut from a carpet-fitters company comes close to that standard, in simple, concise style: • “Get Laid By A Professional”

An odd one, and almost too cringe-worthy to write, but its daring imagination has got to be credited. Just don’t go repeating this one at the dinner table…

• “Camel Tow: We’ll Snatch You Out of A Tight Spot”

Moving on, rapidly…! Clearly, the naughty pun is the gift that just keeps on giving – it truly knows no limits. It is therefore 100% certain that more of these risqué remarks will find their way onto a motorway near you. Make sure you notice them and remember them for posterity’s sake!

Thank goodness for the good people doing haulage work, making the world a funnier and less prudish place.

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Desarrollos Grupo Teca

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In our opinion two of the essential keys to running a successful Real Estate Improvement business are utilizing nice techniques and forming great long run relationships.
Entrepreneurs use confirmed programs and leverage off others to run their enterprise effectively and so they view their business as separate from them. They notice that they aren’t their business and see their enterprise as the top product. A property developer who understands that, has a real opportunity to become very successful.

When you realise that real property improvement is a enterprise and that your enterprise is your product, you may then begin to work on constructing your business. To construct a successful real property development business you will want to vary the best way you suppose and your method to real property investing.

We believe that the last word actual property developer is what we call a ‘Actual Property Development (RED) armchair entrepreneur’. You see, the standard property developer nonetheless thinks that real estate improvement is a job. They believe that point equals work and work equals money, whereas a RED armchair entreprenuer believes that point equals fairness and fairness equals freedom. In other words if RED armchair entreprenuers spends the time to build equity it would allow them to get freed from the enterprise and if they need extra freedom they build more equity.

Traditional actual estate builders nonetheless imagine that they need to do the work and be part of the system whereas RED armchair entreprenuers consider that they need to construct great relationships and have others do the work. This enables RED armchair entrepreneurs to construct their companies a lot faster.

When the enterprise proprietor is also the fingers on developer it would usually require far more arduous work to make the business successful. It’s much smarter for anybody considering getting into into the industry to arrange a enterprise where the systems run the business, and let others run the systems. In other words the programs and other individuals be just right for you so you don’t have to.

Working on your enterprise allows you to work on the issues that really matter and that provides you with the biggest return for your efforts. RED armchair entrepreneurs use programs to streamline tasks and avoid chaos so they can concentrate on growing their enterprise efficiently.

When the techniques are being run by others RED armchair entrepreneurs are capable of focus their consideration on innovation. They will capitalize moments of inspiration and thru efficient communication they’re in a position to flip their goals into reality.

If you concentrate on a number of the great property builders, names like Donald Trump will sometimes come to thoughts nonetheless one of the largest property builders was actually a school drop-out, Ray Kroc the founder of McDonalds. An entrepreneur with an unbelievable imaginative and prescient who worked on his business and never in his business.

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