What Makes a Good Marketing Consultant?

I spent over thirty years of my life as an advertising consultant and I must say it’s been an amazing experience. I’ve met terrific businesses, people, and made many friends. But the single most reward was the knowledge I gained from all their stories. These interactions made me a better consultant as I was able [...]

Achieving Supply Chain Fluidity Through Supply Chain Consultants

A supply chain is the system that delivers a product or service from the manufacturer to the consumer. The system includes organizations, people, resources, and processes in order to achieve its goals. These chains can be simple in theory but are almost always highly complex in practice due to the numerous moving parts. Even in [...]

Best IT Recruitment Consultant

IT is an extensive filed and it revolves around different areas with the most common being hardware engineering, IT training, IT sales, mobile engineering, system management and also network administration among others. People train under these areas with the intention of becoming professionals. Firms relying on IT are also constantly looking for employees hence the [...]

Business Consulting – How to Use a Business Consultant to Facilitate Competence Motivation

Many in the business consulting world have found that competence motivation involves a concern with mastery. Research in the organizational setting has revealed that employee engagement and willingness to exert effort on job-related performance tasks can be enhanced by social motives, such as the desire to work with friends and peers, to please their supervisor [...]

Consulting Case Interview Preparation Guide Part 1

In general, case interview is very common in interviews with consulting companies, interviewer will measure a candidate’s attitude toward risk and comprehensive logical analysis ability with some cases, to see whether a candidate is flexible and can adapt quickly. There are two stages of case interview: preparative stage and formal case interview stage. During the [...]

SEO or PPC: Which digital marketing strategy is best for your business?

When it comes to digital marketing, there are two primary strategies: SEO and PPC. Both of these options can be effective in helping a business reach its target audience, but which one is right for your company? What is SEO and how does it work? SEO,Guest Posting or Search Engine Optimization, is a long-term marketing [...]

Common Automotive Terms And What They Mean

When it comes to cars, there are a lot of terms that the average person may not understand. This is because most people don’t know much about cars other than how to drive them. By understanding these terms, you will be able to communicate better with mechanics and other car experts, such as when you [...]

What Makes A Chef Lose His Cool In The Kitchen?

No one is perfect, and that includes professional chefs wearing their fancy monogrammed men’s or women’s chef shirts or chef coats, and beautiful chef aprons. Even the most experienced and talented of them can lose their cool in the kitchen from time to time. There are many situations that can lead to one of these [...]

How To Grill Like A Chef This Summer

Grilling is a summer tradition that almost everyone enjoys. However, not many people know how to grill like a professional chef. There are a few tricks to grilling given by professionals in chef coats and women’s and men’s chef aprons, that can make your food taste amazing. Here are a few tips to help you [...]

Unforgettable Signature Dishes From Celebrity Chefs

Celebrity chefs come from all over the world and they are famous all over. They are easily recognizable in their crisp white monogrammed chef coats and chef aprons (remember celebrity chefs rarely wear cook shirts as these are more for juniors in the industry). There are some celebrity chefs that have signature dishes that are [...]